Refund applications in Switzerland and abroad

Foreign enterprises having received services subject to taxation (for example erection of a booth, hotel accommodation, car rent) are eligible to refund the Swiss Value Added Tax under specific preconditions. For this purpose a tax representative domiciled in Switzerland should be appointed. 

VAT Consulting AG makes sure that the refund claims are submitted on the due date, the application forms are duely filled in and all the formalities are observed. Thus, delays of the Federal Tax Administration in handling with the application, can be avoided. In general we charge our fees on hours spent. However, for enterprises with high refund expenses or few invoices, it is possible to agree on a lump sum based on the amount to be refunded (contingency fee). 

VAT Consulting AG provides the same services to Swiss enterprises receiving taxable supplies and services abroad. Whenever required we cooperate with our international network of specialists in Value Added Tax from various countries throughout Europe.

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