Furnishing of expert opinions, second opinions

It is essential to make sure from the very beginning that care and attention is paid to the value added tax, particularly with regard to the introduction of new products, the development of new markets or the building up of a new business field. Only that way it can be avoided that tax risks, which can become an existential threat in the extreme case, are being accumulated for years in the enterprise.

Due to our specialization in the field of VAT and duty law we dispose not only of theoretical know-how but also of practical experience of many years in order to advise you capably and solution oriented. We summarize the results of our clarifications (VAT relevant facts, legal appraisal and recommendation) in our opinion that is the basis for important decisions to be taken by the persons in charge of the enterprise. We are also pleased to give our opinion to a clarification already effected.

We allocate our know-how not only to the concerned enterprises but also to law, trust and tax advice firms that are confronted with questions regarding VAT. In the latter case we only contact the client directly with the agreement of the ordering party.

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